Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Maths and Stuff this Semester

This Semester I have been learning about Algebra and Trigonometry. In class, we have been doing units on angles, fractions, measurements, but I reckon I learnt a lot more in Algebra than all that..
UOI Stuff

In Inquiry we have done a load of topics; like: Electricity, Migration, Identity, Governance, PYPX & Transitions. We worked with a few different teachers on finding out our questions in each subject.
Here are a few questions and answers in (My personal favourite part of Inquiry, where we learnt how to avoid creepy people trying to kidnap us with Ms. Michelle) 'T.I.G":

What does it mean to Alter a photo?
To enhance or get rid of parts so that it looks more appealing.

What are some up/downsides to Altering a photo?
Encouraging peolpe to by your thing is more convincing, but people fall for it being fake and all.

Why do magazines alter photos?
Because to the advertiser (or model) looks better, convincing people they need the product in their lives, thus buying the thing.

What would you teach boys/girls about altering photos?
Don't trust everything you see online.

I think the best unit was Electricity, where we researched how to make things, code, program, and our final project was Shark Tank, where we tried to convince the board that our energy source is the best -My group's was Solar Energy- .... ours won.

That's what we did in Inquiry this year.

Monday, March 26, 2018


Last week my group discussed our groups plan with the teacher in Hoa Binh. This was our Interview:
  • How many students are there at your school?

  • How many English supplies are there? What are they?
40 textbooks, 2 teachers

  • Are English supplies appropriate and in good condition?
No we don’t have good condition learning supplies and classrooms.

  • What can we support you with English teaching resources for your school? (Dictionaries, easy books...) What is your first priority?
Books in English and study books. The kids would like story books and comics to practice English with.
  • Do you have any questions or expectation?

With this answers we started writing our information report. These are my two paragraphs:

Our PYPX project is to help the school in Vĩnh Tiến with financial and educational issues. The students at the school want to learn English. Our plan was to involve some Grade 4 students to contribute some of their Market day proceeds for the school to afford new English learning supplies. Our goal is to deliver about 20 English resources. If this were to be achieved we would make a huge impact on Vĩnh Tiến’s students’ lives.
About Vinh Tien

Vĩnh Tiến is a Primary School in Hoa Binh Province, a city South West of Hanoi. The school is surrounded by hills and rice farms for resources and food. Hoa Binh is the destination for Grade 5 camp at UNIS Hanoi. The School is a learning place for 386 students, and there are almost 80 children in every grade. Everyday, these students start school at 7:30 a.m. and finish at  around 3:00 p.m. At the start of every school day the kids line up outside in the ‘auditorium’ (which is just the school’s pavement) to sing traditional school songs. As the average school day is 7 hours long, these children do not learn much with an out of date, under-resourced library, old, untreated supplies, and poorly cared for classrooms.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

19th-23rd March 2018

Last week we had 9 sessions of PYPX. My group persuaded 5 groups from the grade 4 market day, we haven't found out how much money we have raised but we plan to hold a meeting with the grade four's. This morning (Monday March 26th) I interviewed one of the English teachers from the school in Hoa Binh about what learning supplies the students wanted. We found out that they wanted english comics and story books because they are easier to read than Dictionaries.
That's all we found out at PYPX last week.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Today we finished our research and presented our idea for market day to Mr. Reynolds. On Tuesday we are going to show our slide to Ms. Mindy's class. We have just finished our key concepts, and we are now up to putting our idea into action. We could've organised the session better, because most of the time we were waiting for an email that we didn't get a response for. We ended up making a slide show that we didn't even need to use just to use the time that we didn't need. When we presented to the grade four class, we were really unorganised as the printer wasn't working, so the speech was bassically all improv' and the parts that we remembered.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Australia Governance

The governance systems of Australia is Democracy & Monarchy. The Prime Minister being Malcom Turnbull and the queen of England: Queen Elizabeth 2nd, which is the queen of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth includes: Canada, New Zealand, Australia & England.

When the PM steps down from power, there is a democratic vote (because it is a democratic country) for the new PM. The old Prime Mister, Tony Abbott, has been in Office since 1994, but was only Prime Minister from 2009-2015. Tony Abbott was elected as the Minister for Health and Ageing for the liberal party.

In Office, the Prime Minister has the first say and the decision is discussed between the PM and the opposition. The queen has the final say.